A clean slate

A clean slate

New year can be a new start, a blank slate, you may have woken up today and already made some fantastic New Year’s resolutions for 2022.

However, you may have woken up and unfortunately the same mental struggles as you have over last are still as strong as they were meaning that a clean slate isn't always as easy as the statement makes out.

The trouble is, those with mental health struggles can’t simply “let go" of them. It’s not possible to say “goodbye" to bipolar like it is to bad eating habits as bipolar just doesn’t go away; and if your mental illness has been affecting you daily all last year, it’s likely going to continue to do so.

But with this in mind, somethings we can’t change immediately but there are still ways we can start 2022 as a blank state in spite of our mental struggles.

Things we can do..

Make amends with those we've struggled with over the year, where our mental health may have affected relationships and especially when looking at ourselves for maybe not loving/supporting ourselves as much as we could have.

Make plans to do the things you love, enjoy nature, holidays, fiends, hobbies, get involved in creating awarness about your own struggles via charities or support groups.

Take stock of your treatments, what works and what doesn't. Try new treatments, talk to therapists or doctors, try mediating, exercise or journaling.

Make New social connections - never underestimate the power of social connections. New support groups, friends, our new It's Okay Broken club support group. As we say the Broken help the broken.

Avoid setting big new years resolutions - Make small goals and don't put pressure on yourself. Love yourself a bit harder and give yourself compassion are 2 perfect examples.

The key with all the above is to start the new year focusing on you with the upmost compassion while supporting yourself via your hobbies, treatments and socially.

2022 is your year 😊🖤
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