It's Okay Update

It's Okay Update

So this is the first in our weekly blogs in which we will talk about the exciting things the brand is doing, and to recognise anything going on in the world which it's good to talk about. 


So It's Okay, for some of you who dont know the story then It's okay is a mental health inspired clothing brand in which we shine the spotlight on taboo subject, the good, the bad and the in-between. 

This is why we stand out, we are going for the jugular when it comes to stigma, happy quotes on T-shirts can only go so far and we as a community can create change, essentially creating a movement from our statement 'T'S OKAY.

So what does it's okay mean to us here, its a meaning in which I told myself while suffering with sever depression, a saying which helped me get into the mindset that today was a challenge but at the end of the day.. It's Okay.. we've got this!

From this our strap line was created It's Okay 2be you! Now why should we tell ourselves this... We should say to ourself that It's Okay that I'm feeling like this, It's Okay that everthing is too much, It's Okay that the world is spinning around me because under all of these statements you are you... Unique and special, strong and compassionate... A warrior! 

Everyday brings it's own challenges but acknowledging where you are and how your feeling is one step in being able to control that going on around you. 

This is our ethos and one that we put into very clothing design we create.. 

The Broken Club

With all this in mind I want to talk about our new community styled clothing collection called the broken club..

The It's Okay broken club is aimed at you, aimed at the struggles we all have and aimed as a se of strong willed quotes to empower you and proudly display that even though these struggles are all too real, they make us who we are..

One of our favourite quotes is 'The broken help the broken' coined by myself its a way of saying that suffering gives us understanding an understanding that we can then use to help others... essentially why I started It's Okay.. I just couldn't not try and help people who we're equally strolling the same as me! 

The broken club is available on he website and so far we have designed 3 unique quotes that all have a similar meaning but a different effect.

Lonely xmas

Our new drop is a go and live on our webaite! This campaign is in conjunction with @beeu16

Our range will have you catered for all your Xmas needs.. Christmas parties, events, shopping, light switching on, meals out... show your support to those this Christmas that are spending it alone..

We have have hoodies, tshirts and jumpers, available!

The design shows a single red bauble on a Christmas tree. The bauble symbolises those spending Christmas alone and its our way of appreciating you and spreading awarness of all those people spending this Christmas alone.

Loneliness can hit all age groups and intensify or trigger mental health symptoms such as depression at this time of year. The hard fact is these symptoms can get too much and in some instance result in someone taking their life....We don't want to see this happen...

Ambassador Program

We are pleased to announce or new ambassador program, after our last push for help we were inundated with request of people wanting to get involved which is why we've launched the ambassador program. We already have some incredible ambassadors and want to find our next influx of ambassadors.

To show your interest please access our ambassador area to find out more.  

Lastly, inbound restrictions

I just want to also mention the latest government restrictions around coronavirus, I know for many this can be a worrying time with a big concern about lockdown and the effect this can have on your mental health so I wanted to say that if anyone is indeed of chatting or wanting any tips then please dont hesitate to reach out. Having spent some of the last lockdown on my own, the key for me was to use as many resources as you can to keep a social vibe going, this could be chats, text, video calls etc but the key is to keep talking and stay open. Our DM's are always open so if you do every feel overwhelmed or lonely then do not hesitate to reach out.. We will do our upmost to support you! 

As you can see the are a small but growing brand with a big heart and thank you all so much for taking time to read this, I will post again next week. 

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