Joe specialises in anti-bullying, Children's Social Care, Mental Health, Anti-Bullying and safeguarding.

Many people are forced into silence and feel like they are completely alone at their times of struggle. ​Joe is also a voice for the people and a friend you can always talk to, if you need some advice and support, or someone that can point you in the right direction.

Having been bullied in school and mixed in with complex medical and mental health issues, This included verbal bullying, assault and being isolated, it was very difficult to cope with. Because of this Joe up in a psychiatric unit (In and out) for most of 3 years because of suicidal attempts and because of deterioration of his mental health. 

But because of this at the age of 12 Joe got into volunteering within a specialist youth cafe devoted to young people with additional needs and who were getting into trouble, which the lead to a passion for helping

Joe continued to volunteer for National organisations such as the British Medical Association, The National Council for Voluntary Youth Services and The British Youth Council.

At the age of 13 Joe set up the 'Speak Up, Speak Out’ campaign with support from James Arthur, Sinitta Malone, the campaign went global.

He also campaigned to change mental health services and implement better ways to help children and young people stand up and speak out against bullying.

Joe is also in partnership with the Home Office, developed a supportive disclosure toolkit to help those with Autism and other additional learning needs, to help those to better communicate with what was going on if they were experiencing bullying. 

Joes efforts have helped an number of people globally and to recognise this he has received the following awards.

  • Voice for Young People ​
  • Youth Voice Award ​
  • Princess Diana Award ​
  • Most Inspiring Young Person of the Year
  • Champion For Young People

We are pleased to have Joe on board and we hope to carry on working towards a stigma free society

More information about Joe can be found at

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