Sarah is a passionate mental health advocate, and founder of WarriorKind, a not-for-profit mental health support organisation.

With a desire to spark healthy conversations around mental health with the aim to remove the stigma within society, Sarah uses her own personal experiences with mental illness to inspire and empower others.

This is Sarah’s remarkable and inspiring Story

‘Back In 2017 my world turned upside down when I lost my Dad to mental illness and alcohol addiction. The moment we switched off his life support machine after he succumbed to liver failure, I knew I would either sink or swim. I was already vulnerable with crippling anxiety and OCD and my Dad’s death was my make or break moment.

I think what struck me the most following his death was the misconception from society that alcoholics are weak, self-indulgent, and self-inflict their illness. I was actually told that my Dad only had himself to blame, which led me to think what about people who smoke, eat the wrong foods…. Does that same logic apply to those addictions? The irony is that my Dad drank to forget trauma, he drank because society taught him that it was a weakness to discuss his mental health. He became addicted to alcohol because he was suffering mentally. Stigma killed my Dad, and therefore I made it my mission to ensure that my Dads death would be a catalyst for positive change.

Somehow I found I the strength, resilience, and passion within to thrive and raise awareness around mental illness and addiction, with a fierce determination to ensure people suffering like my Dad are empowered to seek support and not shamed into remaining silent and anonymous.

Leveraging my lived experiences with anxiety, OCD, PTSD, bereavement, and being the daughter of a dependant alcoholic, I channelled my trauma into founding a not for profit mental health support organisation called WarriorKind  where healthy conversations around mental wellbeing are core in our mission to breaking down stigmas and supporting our community.

Less than 1 year into my new found venture I managed to secure a speakers place on the TEDx platform, where I will share my thoughts on the unfair stigma attached to alcohol addiction.

Since the loss of my Dad I have learnt that my mental illness does not define me, and that adversity can be triumphed over.

Thank you for reading.

More information about Sarah and her amazing charity can be found below

Website -

Sarah's amazing TEDx Talk - Alcoholism - The deadly truth about its stigma | Sarah Drage | TEDxFolkestone - YouTube

Instagram - @WarriorKind.UK

Facebook - @WarriorKindCIC

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