Ambassador Program

We are always on the look for amazinng brand ambassadors If you're interested in becoming an ambassador for our inspiring brand. then please read the following information and apply here. 

For sponsorships or other collaborations - email and include a super attention seeking subject line!

What we Need from you:

A little bit about yourself and why you'd want to be an ambassador for It's Okay, We are looking for ambassadors who strongly support our message and like us want to change the landscape of the mental health work! also please include your social links. 

We are firm believers of the community in which we reside in and want to help as many people as we possibly can! 


Now the amazing bit! if you are successful in your pursuit of being an ambassador the you can look forward to the follow. 

•15% off all your orders and including a a discount code for your followers and friends.

•Access to our upcoming ranges an the first to be wearing our new concepts/focuses, including input on which charities to focus on

•And a valuable input into blogging, videos, and access to out It's Okay ambassador chat where all things campaigning will be discussed. 

•Lastly, free clothing you heard it.. this isn't a thing that will happen all the time but the more you help the more you get. 

Thank you for considering us and good luck.


A x