​We are the clothing brand It's Okay and stand united with those struggling with mental health and against suicide.
That means that as an awareness inspired clothing brand we stand with you, we stand against feeling awful, we stand up to those with stereotypical views, and together we have the power to show that life however bad it seems at the time is always worth living.
We believe that you are you unique/special and this should be celebrated without discrimination or persecution and as we say IT'S OKAY 2BE YOU! So please stand with us to show theres no place in this world for the stigma that surrounds mental health,  Join us in campaigning to spread awareness and help us make sure everyone gets the support they need, no matter what.


We create awareness via our mental health inspired clothing range while standing with you, our community, united against the stigma that surrounds us suicide us while making a stand against suicide.
125 lives are lost every week to suicide. And 75% of all UK suicides are male. while globally the stats show 1 life is lost to suicide every 4 minutes...
As a brand we exist to change this.
We do it by provoking conversation via our clothing designs and bringing people together across all social outlets and our incredible 'Broken club discord support' group so those struggling have the correct outlets, help, support and ultimately don’t die by suicide.

We will stand united with our growing communities and  uniting against the stigma that surrounds us all.
To do this we will spread our message by focusing on social media,  social get togethers, walks, support groups, radio and partnering up with like minded businesses across the country – with the sole aim to help people to feel empowered enough to share their experiences and get the help they need before they reach the point of crisis,


We need your help, you the people that run businesses, those who socialise whether it be running, cycling, baking, painting, those who get joy from making people laugh, support when others cry, share posts, campaign with us, represent us, shout, volunteer, question those with stigmatic values, fight for a better society, raise money for charities… doing anything and everything you can to raise the bar and allow others to lean on us for support.

Because deep down we know that suicide is preventable, and not an option–
There is always light in the dark, hope and a fulfilling life ahead - ultimately always a reason to keep putting one foot in front of another and living, 
So please join our campaign today and together we can help so many and rid society of the stigma.