It’s OKAY is a message, a message to display that it’s Okay to feel and be whoever you are without any form of discrimination- this message is something that we want to convey through our empowering, statement designs.
Hi, I’m Aaron - the man that has founded Its Okay.
It’s Okay has been founded as an inspiring awareness clothing brand in 2021, but the foundations of the brand solidified back in 2019 after I was hit with a major bout of depression and had a very close brush with suicide.
Personally, I have always struggled with anxiety and depression for most of my adult life, but in February of that year things became too much.
One of the biggest things looking back now, was being unable to find the right kind support in terms of family, friends and colleagues.
Most people that I had initially tried to talk to would always responded with the same responses, ‘Cheer up’ or ‘Just be happy’ this made me feel so alone and it just made me feel that I had no one to talk to, which is the main reason why I made a decision to end it all.
Luckily for me I received a phone call from my son moments prior to me carrying out my plan. He was for all intention purposes my saviour! 
From here I quickly realised I was not alone, I had just chosen the wrong people to confide in. I found myself an amazing therapist and identified some amazing family/friends who supported me, listened, researched, and did not judge. These are the people I cant thank enough for helping me become the man I am today.. Especially my son Kaileb.
Another key aspect in my recovery and to why I am now here telling you all the tail! (Excuse the pun)..
I have an amazing dog called Willow, She's a 5 year old chocolate Sprocker spaniel with a absolute yest for life and has been there for me every step of the way. When nights were at their darkest, she would be there with her head on my lap, licking my face giving me purpose to get up in the morning.
It’s sounds silly but this girl is my rock and my best friend.  
So what have I learnt from my own experiences? I feel that for most people that I had confided in at the start had not encountered mental health issues before, they seem to lack knowledge around the topic and just didn't see mental health as a big issue.. this I believe is where the stigma comes in to play.  
I also found that I was subconsciously telling myself it was not ok to say or feel a certain way because of the reactions I had encountered - if anything I told myself I wasnt normal. 
With all of the above in mind I started to wonder how many other people out there struggled with the same issues, fearing rejection, not feeling normal or just don’t have the support required, which ultimately for some ends in suicide.
This leads me to my brand..It’s Okay?
Since 2019 I have been on a mission, a mission to not only recover myself but to acknowledge in some way, everyone that has suffered or is suffering, the families, the friends, the children who are there for us when times get really tough and the willows of the world who have been there with their paws and their licks.
I want you to know that It's Okay.. Okay to feel the way we all do sometimes, this statement I believe will empower people to talk and start to accept their current state of play, as we know this is where recovery starts, acceptance and communication.  
With a degree and a background in design, fuelled with a desire to help others who are experienced any kind of mental health issue, it just feels right to create a brand that would acknowledge that’s It's Okay to be you while provoking these hard taboo conversation via our designs.
The hope is by doing this we can someday reach that stigma free society and hopefully bring those suicide rates down.
IT’S OK is a brand with a heart.
As a brand, It’s Okay would like also to do more than provide a message.
In fact we will be donating money from each and every sale, every month to several different mental health charities. This to me is one of the most important aspects of my brand.. we want to acknowledge the amazing support and important work these charities carry out on a daily basis and continue the legacy that they have started. 
I have also compiled a website dedicated page to a number of charities, including their links and telephone numbers.  
Please remember, Its Okay.. Okay to be you and together, we can beat the stigma!
Thank you all for taking time to read this and for your support so far.
 Aaron X
If you’d like to keep up to date with Its OKAY follow us on our social media page and giving us a follow, please also note that the social media channels will always been open if you just need a shoulder.